Employee programs for March

A March 14 "Meet Your Colleagues" session with Vice President for Information Technology Marian Moore and workshops on using PowerPoint (March 5) and Internet search engines (March 6) are among the Employee Development Program offerings next month.

In addition, the program will sponsor a six-week Lenten retreat for staff beginning on March 10 and a Spiritual Companions retreat weekend on March 14-16.

Other events scheduled include "Dealing with Difficult Personalities" (March 4), "Creating Your Own Mentoring Network" (March 12), "Management Skills for a Diverse Workplace" (March 19) and "Copyrights and Fair Use" (March 25).

More information on the Employee Development Program is available on-line at

BC theologian discusses Buddhism

The Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life will host a lecture by Assoc. Prof. John Makransky (Theology) titled "How the Buddhist Doctrine of Skillful Means Supports Transnational Buddhist Expansion and Adaptation" on Wednesday, March 12, from noon-1:15 p.m.
Makransky is a practicing Buddhist who teaches Tibetan Buddhist methods at meditation retreats throughout the United States.
To attend, contact the Boisi Center at ex.2-1860 or by e-mail at The center is located at 24 Quincy Road.


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