BC Clarifies Status of Proposed Student Group

BC Clarifies Status of Proposed Student Group

University administrators confirmed that discussions on the possible creation of a student organization to address issues of sexual orientation at Boston College are ongoing, contrary to a Feb. 2 Boston Globe story suggesting that a gay-straight alliance group had been approved by the University.

Director of Public Affairs Jack Dunn confirmed that University President William Leahy, SJ, has been in discussions with UGBC President Adam Baker on the possible establishment of a student group. However, Dunn stated, contrary to the Globe report, no agreement had been reached.

"Fr. Leahy sent a letter to Adam Baker on Jan. 30 in which he stated that Baker's proposal may contain a framework for an eventual agreement on establishing a student organization at Boston College to respond to issues of sexual orientation," said Dunn. "However, Fr. Leahy stated that certain issues needed to be resolved before he could consider approving the proposal."

Those issues, which include language in the proposed group's constitution dealing with purpose, activities, membership and relationship with the Office of Student Affairs, will be addressed in meetings between Baker and Vice President for Student Affairs Cheryl Presley, Dunn said.

Once those issues are resolved, a new proposal will be submitted to Fr. Leahy for his consideration, he said.

A final decision on the UGBC proposal will be announced through the Office of Public Affairs.


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