Journals Spotlight BC Scientists

Journals Spotlight BC Scientists

Research by Boston College physicists and chemists has been prominently featured recently in leading scientific journals.

Nanostructures thousands of times smaller than a human hair and potentially useful in photovoltaics and supercapacitors were described by Prof. Zhi Feng Ren, post-doctoral fellow Jing Yu Lao and former Research Asst. Prof. Jian Guo Wen of the Physics Department in the Nov. 13 edition of the American Chemical Society journal Nano Letters.

Resembling the world's smallest Christmas tree branches, the crystallized nanostructures of zinc oxide were featured in an illustration on the edition's cover.

Meantime, Prof. John Fourkas (Chemistry) and colleagues reported they had discovered a way to store nearly 20 times more data on disc than can be currently stored on a standard DVD.

Their report in the December issue of Nature Materials describes new fluorescent materials that are stable, inexpensive and able to store 3D data at high densities. The findings have implications for the storage capacity of computers ranging from massive reference-storage units to desktop PCs.

Co-authors with Fourkas were current graduate researcher Christopher Olson and former student Michael Previte, now a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

-Mark Sullivan


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