Library Hosts Romanian National Day Event

Library Hosts Romanian National Day Event

Romanian scholars, students, church leaders and diplomatic officials from throughout New England joined Boston College Prof. Emeritus Radu Florescu (History) in Burns Library on Dec. 4 to celebrate Romania's National Day.

Florescu, who is honorary consul of Romania for the New England region, hosted 75 guests at the reception honoring the anniversary of the joining of the provinces of Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania in 1918 to form the current state of Romania.

Florescu said that this year's National Day celebration held a particular significance, as Romania has recently been granted membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, one of seven nations to join NATO this year.

Romania's NATO affiliation could place the Eastern European nation in the forefront of world events, Florescu said. "Romania has a population of 23 million people," he noted. "That's more than the six others [new NATO members] put together. Romania is also the only one of the new states with a substantial standing army - it's 100,000 strong - and has already served in peacekeeping roles in Kosovo, Macedonia and now in Afghanistan.

"The Romanian army has units serving right now in Kabul and Kandahar," Florescu noted. "I know their service is much appreciated by the American side."

Florescu, who has served as his native county's consul in this region since 1996, has announced that he will soon be turning those duties over the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Doros Platica, a well-known geneticist.

The Burns Library ceremony included a display of many of the 500 books on Romanian history that Florescu has presented to the University Archives in recent years. His contributions, plus the donations of several other Eastern European scholars, have provided Boston College with the largest collection of Romanian history books in the Boston area, he said.

-Reid Oslin


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