A New Menu for Eagle One Cards

A New Menu for Eagle One Cards

By Stephen Gawlik
Staff Writer

Boston College employees and students will now be able to use their Eagle One cards to purchase groceries and order in local restaurants, thanks to a new program unveiled this month by the University Dining Services.

Two local vendors now accept the card as payment: Maddie's Market, located across Commonwealth Avenue from the Main Campus, and Take Out Taxi, a delivery service that supplies menus, accepts orders and provides food deliveries for a number of area eateries.

Administrators say efforts are underway to sign other vendors on to the program.

"We want to be able to give the Boston College community the maximum amount of convenience and as many choices as possible," said Dining Services Director Patricia Bando. "We think this new program is a big step in that direction."

Until recently, Domino's Pizza was the only off-campus vendor that accepted the Eagle One Card.

Bando said Dining Services plans to hire a full-time manager and establish a new office to support the program.

To use the service, card users must arrange an Eagle One account through the Dining Bucks program, which is for off-campus students and students in residence hall who are not required to have a meal plan; or Eagle Bucks, which can be used to make purchases at dining halls, vending machines, Domino's and the Boston College Bookstore, or to pay for use of campus laundromats.

Bando said Take Out Taxi plans to develop a special booklet of menus exclusively for Boston College. The service will provide delivered food from such restaurants as Legal Seafood, Chef Chow's House, Zaftig's Delicatessen, Pizzeria Uno and others.

"This is what the free market is all about," said Bando. "People want to have choices and we are excited about offering them."

For more information on the Eagle One Card see www.bc.edu/eagleonecard.


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