As the media continued to analyze the myriad social, political and philosophical aspects of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Boston College faculty representing a number of disciplines and backgrounds shared their expertise. Among them: Assoc. Prof. Thomas Hibbs (Philosophy) penned several perspective pieces on such topics as the nature of evil and the prospect of war for outlets including the Chronicle of Higher Education and National Review Online. He also was interviewed by ABCNews.com regarding the effect of the events of September 11 on younger generations.

Prof. Paul Schervish (Sociology) was interviewed on Public Radio International's syndicated business program "Marketplace Morning Report" about the efforts to raise money for the victims of the attacks. He also discussed with the Boston Sunday Globe and the Sarasota Herald Tribune how tragedy-related donations were affecting traditional charities.

Assoc. Prof. Robert G. Murphy (Economics) offered his views on how the disasters might affect the stock market and the economy in an interview with the WBUR-FM radio show "Morning Edition." He also appeared as a guest on the WGBH-TV show "Greater Boston" to discuss the stock market's jittery first day back, and was quoted in articles by the Boston Herald and Associated Press on related topics.

Prof. Marc Landy (Political Science) provided analysis of President Bush's widely praised speech-making for New England Cable News.

Prof. Jeanne Guillemin (Sociology) published an opinion piece in the Boston Sunday Globe on US preparedness for a bioterrorist attack. She also was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about the impact of increased attention to bioterrorism on public health policy.


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