BC Centralizes Health Services

BC Centralizes Health Services

By Stephen Gawlik
Staff Writer

Boston College has completed a project to centralize University Health Services on Middle Campus and provide a renovated and expanded infirmary, while creating space for additional student housing on Newton Campus.

University Health Services Director Thomas Nary, MD, stands at the entrance to an examining room in the newly renovated infirmary. Also shown are staff nurse Carol Vera (right) and Arshad Yekta, a Tufts University medical student assigned to work in Health Services.
(Photo By Lee Pelligrini)
Work was completed in late August on converting the Health Services outpatient facility in Cushing Hall to a clinic and 24-hour care center featuring updated medical technology and amenities administrators say are designed to enhance care for patients.

Meanwhile, the infirmary's previous location in Keyes South on Newton Campus has been transformed into living space for 37 freshmen.

The new infirmary, which includes inpatient and outpatient facilities, administration, nutrition and education offices, will help to streamline services and provide a single repository for medical records, said Director of University Health Services Thomas I. Nary, MD.

"It's a little less space than we had before, but the advantages well outweigh that," said Nary.

Nary said that the Boston College Police Department will provide transportation for residents of Newton Campus who need to visit the infirmary in an emergency situation.

Although the number of beds in the infirmary decreased from 18 to 10 in the move, the newly renovated and expanded infirmary includes a new laboratory, an ambulance-accessible area, two triage rooms and two rooms exclusively for women's health.

The infirmary was updated in the renovation process to meet accreditation and to improve confidentiality, Nary said.

The inpatient area includes five rooms with 10 beds, and two chairs in the student lounge that can be turned into beds in emergency situations. A small kitchen area will be available for overnight patients, as well as a lounge with telephones and a computer.

The Connell School of Nursing offices that had occupied the space were reconfigured or relocated to make room for the new infirmary.


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