Two BC Economists in Top 20

Two BC Economists in Top 20

Two Boston College economists have been ranked among the world's top 20, and six among the world's top 1,000, in a recent study conducted by the European Economic Association.

The study, written for the prestigious European Economic Review, ranks the economists based on a quantitative survey of all 650 economics journals worldwide published between 1994 and 1998.

Department chair Assoc. Prof. Peter Ireland was ranked 15th in the world, followed by Prof. Arthur Lewbel (20) and professors Jushan Bai (184), Peter Gottschalk (264), Uzi Segal (403) and James Anderson (533). Overall, the 25-member department was ranked 63rd in the world. When department size was taken into account, the ranking improved to 31st worldwide.

-Jack Dunn


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