New Burns Library Exhibit Highlights Irish Patriot

New Burns Library Exhibit Highlights Irish Patriot

An Irish history exhibit opening at Burns Library tomorrow marks the acquisition of the papers of Thomas Clarke, a leader of the Easter Rebellion of 1916, and his wife, Kathleen, the first woman to serve as Lord Mayor of Dublin.

The show, "From the Easter Rising to the Rise of the Irish Republic: Thomas and Kathleen Clarke and their Era," runs through January. Burns Librarian Robert O'Neill will host a reception on Oct. 18 along with University Chancellor J. Donald Monan, SJ, and Executive Director of Irish Programs Thomas Hachey to celebrate the opening.

An Irish tricolor flag given to Boston College as a token of goodwill following the tragedy of Sept. 11 will be among the items on display.

The flag flew atop one of Dublin's historic buildings during the Irish Civil War of 1922-23, and was presented as a gift by Irish antiquarian bookseller Eamonn de Burca.

Thomas Clarke was the first signer of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic in 1916, and was shot by the British at Kilmainham Jail for his role in the uprising.

Clarke's wife, Kathleen, also was active in the Irish republican movement, and became Dublin's mayor in 1939.

The Clarke Collection, preserved by their son, Emmet, is rich in photographs, ephemera, pamphlets, documents, correspondence and books. A broad selection of these materials is exhibited in the show, which also draws upon the extensive holdings of the Irish collections at Burns and at the Boston Public Library.

-Mark Sullivan


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