Annual Campus United Way Drive Kicks Off Oct. 30

Annual Campus United Way Drive Kicks Off Oct. 30

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

The recent surge of donations to victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks does not diminish the charitable needs of the Greater Boston community, according to campus United Way campaign chair Grace Cotter Regan, who will launch the University's annual fund-raising drive on Oct. 30.
"Boston has to have United Way funds to meet its needs," said Regan, executive director of the Alumni Association. "These needs for services and support were there on Sept. 10 and they were there on Sept. 12.

University President William P. Leahy, SJ, and Grace Cotter Regan, this year’s Boston College United Way campaign chair, are flanked by former chairs Reid Oslin (left) and Bernard O’Kane. (Photo by Gary Gilbert)

"Our campaign focus has to remain on our families, friends and neighbors who use United Way services every day."

University President William P. Leahy, SJ will join Regan, Assistant Director of Plant Services Gerard T. Boyle Jr., the campaign's vice-chair, and representatives from every University department at the annual United Way Kickoff Brunch on Oct. 30 in Gasson 100.

Regan said that this year's four-week drive will attempt to surpass last year's record-setting campaign that raised more than $140,000 in donations from 1,030 campus participants.

"Having worked and volunteered in Boston's non-profit sector," Regan said, "I have seen the impact of United Way dollars in our own community. I fully realize just how important it is to have institutions like Boston College as leaders in this type of effort."

Regan praised the work of department representatives in making the drive successful, and commended last year's campaign chair, Director of Employee Development Bernard R. O'Kane, as well as Human Resources Reports Specialist John B. McLaughlin and Alumni Association staffers Sally Creedon and Erin Estep for assistance with this year's United Way effort.

Campaign materials and pledge cards will be distributed to all University employees following the kickoff event and completed forms should be returned to the department representatives as soon as possible.

Regan said drawings for raffle prizes will be held on a weekly basis for those participating in the annual campaign. Information on the progress of this year's drive and weekly raffle winners will be available on-line.
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