Jesuits Offer Bush Prayers and Support

Jesuits Offer Bush Prayers and Support

New England Provincial Rev. Robert Levens, SJ, was among the signatories, which included the heads of the Jesuits' American provinces.

The letter, while noting the US Conference of Catholic Bishops' statement affirming the government's "moral right" and "grave moral obligation to defend common good against aggression," urged the president to consider traditional Catholic moral principles in responding to the attacks.

The provincials applauded the president's call for Americans to refrain from acts of ethnic and religious intolerance, and said the society's educational and pastoral institutions would reinforce that message.

"We pray for you and for our country in this dark moment of the nation's history," the letter concluded. "And in the light of our instruction from Jesus Christ, we pray also for our enemies."

The full text of the letter is available online.


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