University to Introduce On-line 'Paystub'

University to Introduce On-line 'Paystub'

Employees will be able to access their paycheck information on Agora

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

Beginning Dec. 14, Boston College employees will be able to view their paycheck information on-line, the first step in a plan to phase out the traditional paper "paystub" across most of the University.

Under the new system, employees will log onto their password-protected records at the University's Agora World Wide Web site to examine their earnings, deductions and taxes for the current pay period and the year-to-date. This information, known as "advice" in the human resources field, will be identical to that which appears on the paycheck stub.

Administrators say that by March, the University will no longer distribute monthly paper payroll advice forms to faculty, administrators and office or clerical employees, and will make the information accessible via Agora only.

Employees paid on an hourly basis, such as those in Dining Service, Facilities Services and the Police Department, and who generally do not have easy access to desktop computers, will continue to receive the paper payroll advice sheets, although their information will be available through Agora as well.

"This should be a much more convenient way for employees to receive and organize their paycheck advices," said Human Resources Service Center Director Richard Young. "Employees will be able to access the electronic paycheck advices each day from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. from their office or from their home."

Young said the new system will "eliminate the need to mail paper advices to employees' homes or have department representatives come to the Human Resources Service Center to pick up the advices and then hand deliver them throughout their office."

According to Young, on-line advice availability will reduce the mailing of payroll-related forms from 16,000 per month to 4,000 per month when the new plan goes into effect.

Employees who wish to examine their on-line advice through Agora will find payroll information in the "U-View - Your Personal Records" section of the pull-down menu. Payroll information and an advice form may be printed from that screen, so an employee may add the data to his or her financial records.

Each employee's paycheck advice information will be saved for 18 months on the Agora system, administrators said.

Associate Vice President for Human Resources Robert J. Lewis said the shift to the electronic payroll advice system "represents a continuation of the PeopleSoft project to streamline our payroll system and is a natural next step in our direct deposit efforts."

Lewis described the project as "a collaborative effort" between Human Resources and Information Technology, with the assistance of a University advisory team consisting of Lynch School of Education Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration Mary Ellen Fulton, Student Services Director of Operations Christopher Cordella, Dining Service Employee Relations Officer Marcela Norton and Christine Baker, manager of Office Support Services in Facilities Services.

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