A Milestone for the Boston College Club

A Milestone for the Boston College Club

Already turning a profit, club plans to establish scholarship program

The Boston College Club has presented a $20,000 check to the University, the first installment of what club officials project as an annual gift that will underwrite scholarships for Boston's inner-city students.

Boston College Club co-founder John F. Joyce '57 (left) chats with Romance Languages chairman Assoc. Prof. Franco Mormando, SJ, during the club's "Jesuit Thanksgiving Dinner" on Nov. 20. Twenty priests were honored for their service to the Boston area. (Photo by Justin Knight)
The check was presented to University President William P. Leahy, SJ, by club chairman John J. Curtin Jr. '54, JD '57 and co-founder John F. Joyce '57 at the club's Nov. 20 "Jesuit Thanksgiving Dinner." Club members hosted 20 Jesuits from Boston College, Boston College High School and the Campion Center in Weston to honor them for their years of service to the Boston area.

Joyce said that when the BC Club was opened in 1998, a profit-sharing agreement was made between the club's management firm, Club Corporation of America, and the University. "We truthfully didn't expect this to take place for about 10 years," said Joyce, who noted that the club's substantial buildup fees had to be met before a profit could be realized.

"But we are delighted to be able to show a profit in just a little over two years," he said. "It's a well-run and profitable club, and the bottom line is that the University really benefits from its success. We hope that the club's contribution will be even greater in the future."

Joyce said that the club membership now stands at 2,400 members with a waiting list of nearly 100 more. "About 80 percent of our members are Boston College graduates," Joyce noted. "The club's success is a reflection of the loyalty, maturity and quality of our graduates and members."

The Boston College Club was Club Corporation of America's first University-affiliated partnership, according to Joyce, and its success has spurred similar ventures between the management group and George Washington, North Carolina State and Florida State universities.

"We were the pioneers in this," Joyce said. "The secret to our success is that Boston College loyalty runs very, very deep."

-Reid Oslin


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