MBA Program a Sound Investment

MBA Program a Sound Investment

The Carroll Graduate School of Management has been ranked 23rd nationally among comparable MBA programs in terms of its return on investment, according to a survey published by Forbes magazine.

The Forbes survey compares the cost of attaining an MBA degree - two years of tuition costs plus two years of foregone income - against the salaries earned by the graduates after they returned to the business world. More than 20,000 students who received their MBA degrees in 1996 were included in the study.

According to the Forbes report, Boston College MBA recipients saw their average annual salary increase from $28,000 prior to their graduate work to $83,000 two years after receiving their degree.

"The Forbes report proves that an education at the Carroll School of Management is an extraordinary investment," said CSOM Dean Helen Frame Peters. "It solidifies the point made repeatedly by our alumni that a BC business degree really pays off."

-Reid Oslin


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