Alumnus Aids Biology Faculty

Alumnus Aids Biology Faculty

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

Biology Department chairman Deluca Professor Mark Muskavitch (left) chats with Julianne Heffernan Rose '77 and her husband, Clayton Rose, during their visit to campus this past weekend. The couple have established a research grant for junior Biology faculty. (Photo by Justin Knight)
A gift of $250,000 from Julianne Heffernan Rose '77 and her husband, Clayton S. Rose, will fund a multi-year research grant for a junior faculty member of the Biology Department. The grant will be initially awarded next summer.

The Heffernan-Rose Family Fund was established following a visit by College of Arts and Sciences Dean Joseph F. Quinn and Associate Director of Leadership Gifts Michael Spatola to the Rose family home in Essex Fells, NJ, last spring.

"We emphasized the challenges of hiring new faculty," said Quinn, "and how such a gift would enable us to attract outstanding young scholars.

"What I especially like about this initiative is that it targets our best young faculty and assists them at a very important time in their careers," Quinn added. "It's just a terrific idea."

Julianne Rose said, "My husband and I have come to realize that attracting high quality faculty is critical for any institution. We have a tremendous resource in our student body at Boston College, but the strength of the faculty is what really keeps any university going."

Rose majored in biology as a Boston College undergraduate, and later pursued an MBA degree and a professional career in banking. "Although I did not continue my biology studies after graduation, I still feel very strongly about the degree I got from Boston College," Rose said. "My biology major still serves me well."

Rose and her family visited campus last weekend to tour the expanded Higgins Hall science center and meet with DeLuca Professor of Biology Marc A.T. Muskavitch, the department chairman, to discuss specific uses for the gift. The A&S dean and department chairman will select the grant recipient.

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