History's Seraphim Wins Fellowship

History's Seraphim Wins Fellowship

Asst. Prof. Franziska Seraphim (History), who is researching the Japanese memory of World War II in post-war Japanese politics, has been awarded a post-doctoral fellowship by the Edwin O. Reischauer Institute for Japanese Studies.

The Reischauer fellowship supports the work of promising young scholars in Japanese studies, giving them the opportunity to turn their dissertations into publishable manuscripts.

Seraphim's project is "Negotiating the Post-War: Politics and Memory in Japan, 1945-2000." In addition to her research, Seraphim will give a presentation at the institute's Japan Forum lecture series in Cambridge next year.

"It is a big vote of confidence in my project," said Seraphim. "Thanks to a Boston College Research Incentive Grant for this summer and the Reischauer fellowship next year, I now have time, as well as access to academic and financial resources that are critical for the kinds of revisions I have in mind for the manuscript."

-Reid Oslin  

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