Film Features Late BC Theologian

Film Features Late BC Theologian

A documentary on Jewish-Christian relations to be broadcast locally by WGBH-TV on Easter Sunday, March 31, features excerpts from an interview with the late Prof. Anthony Saldarini (Theology).

Saldarini, who died last Sept. 16 after a long battle with lymphoma, was one of 40 religious leaders and scholars interviewed for "Jews and Christians: A Journey of Faith." Based on the best-selling book Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith by Gordon College theologian Marvin Wilson, the film explores common beliefs, rituals and traditions shared by Judaism and Christianity. It also explores how contemporary Jews and Christians perceive one another, their efforts to confront stereotypes and prejudice and to reach an understanding of their different faiths.

The film, which began airing nationwide last fall, will be shown on WGBH on March 31 from 3-5 p.m., and on April 2 from 9-11 p.m.

Interviewed recently, "Jews and Christians" co-director Gerald Krell praised Saldarini's contributions to the film, which he said went beyond providing on-camera commentary.

"He was very dynamic, and full of interesting insights on Jewish-Christian relations," said Krell of Saldarini, who was interviewed for the film on campus three years ago. "We had a hard time deciding what excerpts from the interview to use, because there was so much good material.

"But just as importantly, his involvement put a real stamp of approval on the project for the interfaith community. He was the first person to agree to be interviewed. When we began contacting other people, many of them said, 'Well, if Tony Saldarini is going to be in it, I'll be in it, too.'"

More information on the film is available online.

-Sean Smith


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