GSSW's Williams Invited to Attend Oxford Round Table

GSSW's Williams Invited to Attend Oxford Round Table

Assoc. Prof. Leon Williams (GSSW) this month will attend the eighth Oxford Round Table, an international think-tank of scholars, policy makers and other experts who gather at England's prestigious Oxford University to discuss the promotion of human advancement and understanding through the improvement of education.

This year's conference, the first since 1999, will take place from March 23-29 at St. Anthony's College of Oxford. Since it first convened in 1989, the think-tank has hosted United States governors and senators, government ministers from such countries as Uganda, Bangladesh, Denmark, Oman, Belarus and Australia and representatives from the international education and business community, among others.

The results of the deliberations are published and distributed to policymakers and academic libraries around the world. Previous Oxford Round Tables have produced several books.

This year's Round Table will focus on civil rights, said Williams, who has researched and written about institutional discrimination.

"What will be interesting," said Williams, "is to see how the issues of civil rights and discrimination are perceived in the various countries represented at the Round Table. Are the issues related to race? Class? Gender?

"I am very honored to have been chosen to be a part in all this, and look forward to getting this international perspective."

-Sean Smith


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