Gasson Lecture is March 19

Gasson Lecture is March 19

Gasson Professor Paul McNelis, SJ, will present the 2002 Gasson Lecture, "All Politics are Local, Most Economic Crises are Local: Lessons from the Lower Latitudes," on Tuesday, March 19 at 4:30 p.m. in McGuinn 121.

Fr. McNelis, a professor of economics at Georgetown University, said his lecture "will contrast the experiences of Argentina and Indonesia in the generation of and coping with economic crises.

"Both countries are very similar," he said. "Both had military rule, strong nationalism, populist movements, severe economic crises, charismatic leaders (Peron and Sukarno), violence against civilian minorities.

"But they illustrate different types of economic crises, both severe. The old style in Argentina, which everyone can see coming, is almost anti-climatic, whereas we have the new style in Indonesia."

-Reid Oslin


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