Library Administrator Starts Technology Drive for Ghana

Library Administrator Starts Technology Drive for Ghana

O'Neill Library Instructional Services Manager Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah has seen the benefits of reaching out to others through his volunteer work in Belize, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, among other places. Now, he hopes to make a similar gesture to the village in Ghana he once called home - and is encouraging the University community to assist him.

Sarkodie-Mensah plans to travel this spring to his hometown of Ejisu in the Ashanti region, which lies approximately just south of central Ghana. He will bring educational materials to several primary schools in Ejisu and help set up a computer camp and homework assistance center for children in the village.

Although he emigrated from the village in 1982, Sarkodie-Mensah maintains close ties with Ejisu, where his parents and two of his brothers still live.

"Going back to be of service to the people of Ejisu, and especially the children, is something I've always wanted to do," said Sarkodie-Mensah in a recent interview. "I hope to make some kind of difference in their lives, with the help of my colleagues at BC."

While donations of computer equipment and other materials from the BC community would ordinarily be welcome, Sarkodie-Mensah notes that it is often difficult to bring such objects through customs. Instead, he asks individuals to consider making a monetary donation, which he will use to purchase equipment and supplies upon his arrival in Ghana.

"I hope to eventually arrange a network that might allow for direct donation of materials," said Sarkodie-Mensah.

Sarkodie-Mensah can be contacted at ext.2-4465 or by e-mail at

-Sean Smith


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