New O'Neill Databases Offer Scholars Variety

New O'Neill Databases Offer Scholars Variety

Searchable databases of Civil War letters and diaries, alternative newspapers and international opinion-polls are among new and notable online indexes to which the O'Neill Library has subscribed, with remote access available to members of the Boston College community.

O'Neill has acquired a new history database, "American Civil War: Letters and Diaries," from Alexander Street Press, that indexes full texts of first-person accounts from hundreds of sources, including diaries, letters and memoirs, of people both famous and obscure.

Other newly acquired databases include "Alt-PressWatch," which provides full-text coverage of more than 100 newspapers, magazines, academic and scholarly journals of the alternative and independent press, and is said to be the first database to provide such access to the alternative newsweeklies published in most US and Canadian cities.

"Wilson Biographies Plus Illustrated" contains more than 95,000 biographies and obituaries and more than 26,000 photographs, with the full text of articles from more than 100 volumes of biographical reference books published by H. W. Wilson.

"Polling the Nations" is a comprehensive collection of public-opinion surveys from the United States and countries around the world, with the full text of the questions and responses covering a broad range of issues. The collection began in print format in 1981 as the American Public Opinion Index, and over the years expanded to include surveys from more than 80 other countries in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.

"North American Women's Letters and Diaries," a collection of women's diaries and correspondence covering colonial times to 1950, is being released in stages until completion. delivers the full text of the print edition of "Facts On File World News Digest," from January 1970 through the end of the most recent weekly issue, along with overview materials, primary source documents, photographs, maps, biographies, and country profiles, and newswire updates from Reuters.

For information on these and other indexes recently made available to O'Neill patrons, visit the library's "New Databases".

-Mark Sullivan


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