Welcome Additions

Welcome Additions

Evan Gatev

Asst. Prof. Evan Gatev comes to the Carroll School of Management's Finance Department from Yale University, where he earned master's degrees in mathematics and finance and a doctorate in finance, which he completed last year.

Gatev is also a graduate of Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, NC.

Gatev teaches classes on investments to undergraduate and graduate students. His research interests are in the areas of trading strategies, including arbitrage in expectations, hedge fund strategies and optimal portfolio policies.

Sarah Beckjord

Asst. Prof. Sarah Beckjord (Romance Languages) joined the Boston College faculty from Columbia University, where she earned her doctorate in 2001 and earlier completed a master's degree. She also holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard University.

Beckjord served as a translator and editor for InterPress, an international news agency and worked as an editor and writer for magazines and travel guides.

Beckjord's research interests include historical novels, Colonial Spanish American literature and 19th century Spanish American literature.
She is teaching courses in Latin American Baroque Literature and Latin American Colonial Literature.

Patrick James McQuillan

Prior to arriving at BC, Assoc. Prof. Patrick McQuillan (LSOE) taught for eight years at the University of Colorado, where he was co-chairman of the Secondary Master's Plus Program in the School of Education.

His research interests include school reform, urban education, anthropology and education, social-studies education, middle-level education and qualitative research methods. He was co-director of the School Ethnography Project of the Coalition of Essential Schools at Brown University from 1986-93.

McQuillan is the author of Educational Opportunity in an Urban American High School: A Cultural Analysis.

His 1993 doctoral dissertation at Brown was titled "Disneyland in the Jungle: The Myth of Educational Opportunity in an Urban American High School." He earned bachelor's and master's degrees at Wesleyan University.

- Stephen Gawlik and Mark Sullivan

"Welcome Additions" is an occasional feature on new faculty members.


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