Alumni Encouraged to Vote, Suggest Candidates Via Internet

Alumni Encouraged to Vote, Suggest Candidates Via Internet

Boston College graduates wishing to vote in this year's Alumni Association elections or to nominate candidates for Alumni Achievement Awards will be able to accomplish both tasks on-line this year.

"We hope that [computer access] will increase voting," said Alumni Association Executive Director Grace Cotter Regan '82, "and, at the same time, help us to educate our population on the importance of the Alumni Board."

Regan said every graduate will receive a paper ballot as in past years, but for the second year alumni can cast their vote electronically by logging on to the Alumni Association World Wide Web site [] after March 11 and following the links to the election ballot. Voters need to have the authorization number from their mailed ballot to access the voting site.

In the past, only about 3,000 mail-in votes have been received in the annual election, Regan said, a number she hopes will increase significantly with computer access.

Alumni are also invited to nominate candidates on-line for Alumni Achievement Awards in the professional fields of arts and humanities, commerce, education, health service, law, public service, religion and science. Nominations will also be accepted for the Joseph V. McKenney Award, the University's highest alumni honor, which is presented annually to a graduate in recognition of lifetime achievement and the Young Alumni Award for Excellence, honoring an outstanding graduate of the past 10 years.

The alumni awards Web site is here. Deadline for nominations is March 11.

-Reid Oslin


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