'Electronic Paystub' Debuts Tomorrow

'Electronic Paystub' Debuts Tomorrow

Beginning tomorrow, Boston College employees will be able to view their current and year-to-date payroll information on the University's Agora World Wide Web site.

The password-protected Agora employee information screens are accessible from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. daily on any computer station connected to the Boston College network.

Starting in March, the University will no longer distribute monthly paper advice forms - commonly known as "paystubs" -to faculty, administrators, office and clerical workers and student employees, and will make the data available only through Agora. Payroll information and an advice form may be printed out, so an employee may update his or her financial records.

Hourly employees will continue to receive paper payroll advice forms after March, although their payroll information will be available for viewing and printing on the Agora system as well.

-Reid Oslin


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