...While History Colleagues Land Major Fellowships

...While History Colleagues Land Major Fellowships

Good news has arrived in droves at the History Department this spring, with Guggenheim Fellowships awarded to professors Lawrence Wolff and Robin Fleming, and Fleming adding a membership at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study and a Bunting Fellowship at the Radcliffe Institute for a scholarly hat-trick.

In addition, Asst. Prof. Seth Jacobs received the Stuart Bernath Article Prize from the Society of American Foreign Relations [see separate story].

The Guggenheims awarded this month will support Fleming's research into material culture and the rewriting of Anglo-Saxon history, and Wolff's into legitimation and imagination in Hapsburg Poland.

"I've heard of a school winning two Guggenheims in the same year, but never one department," said Wolff. "It's great glory for the History Department."

Fleming will spend the coming academic year as a member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, where she said the Guggenheim will support her research for a book on Anglo-Saxon culture. Because she is going to Princeton, she has declined the Bunting Fellowship.

Wolff is writing a book on Galicia, a portion of Poland from Cracow to Lviv in modern-day Ukraine that was part of the Austrian Hapsburg Empire in the 19th century, but today exists only in memory. "You'll never find Galicia on a map today," he said, "though it looms large in the minds of many Poles and Ukrainians as a kind of fantasy connected to their history."

Wolff will take a hiatus from teaching during the 2003 calendar year.

The good fortune enjoyed by BC historians this spring was welcomed by the acting chairman of the History Department, Prof. James O'Toole.

"All of us in the History Department are pleased with the success our colleagues are having in winning these prestigious grants and awards," he said.

"Their work demonstrates the department's ongoing desire to advance research and scholarship in history without sacrificing our commitment to teaching."

-Mark Sullivan


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