Sponsored Programs Head Is Announced

Sponsored Programs Head Is Announced

By Mark Sullivan
Staff Writer

Dartmouth College administrator John Carfora has been selected to head Boston College's new Office for Sponsored Programs, which will offer one-stop assistance to University faculty and students applying for external grant funding.

John Carfora (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)
Carfora, who was associate director of the Office of Grants and Contracts at Dartmouth, will direct an office that gathers all grant-application and post-award activities under one roof, offering improved service to researchers at a university that has seen its external research funding double in five years.

Boston College researchers garnered $36.5 million in external funding in 2000-01, up from $18 million in 1995-96, and are on a pace to exceed the current mark in 2001-2002.

New emphasis also is being brought to bear in the area of intellectual property, with Stephen Erickson, heretofore director of the Office of Research Administration, becoming director of Compliance and Intellectual Property Management under Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael Smyer.

In his new post, Erickson will monitor changes in federal and state regulations that affect research activities, develop education programs concerning regulatory compliance, and give increased attention to intellectual-property protection and technology transfer.

"Over the last three years, we have provided increasing support for reviewing the intellectual property developed by our faculty and students, assessing the need for protecting it via patents or copyrights," said Smyer.

"This activity has increased significantly in the last 18 months. We anticipate continued growth in this area, and Steve has agreed to provide leadership of this effort for BC.

"All of these efforts reflect the increasing maturity of the research effort at Boston College and the continued integration of research into the core efforts of the University," said Smyer. "Our investments in time and talent will provide more support for the work of our faculty and students."

Two new staff members have been hired in the Office of Sponsored Programs on the pre-award side, and another is being sought on the post-award end, Smyer said.

"The message is that we are investing in this important service operation," he said.


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