Cellucci to Speak at Law Commencement

Cellucci to Speak at Law Commencement

United States Ambassador to Canada and former Massachusetts Governor A. Paul Cellucci '70, JD '73 will speak at the Boston College Law School Exercises on Friday, May 24.

A. Paul Cellucci
"We're delighted that Ambassador Cellucci has accepted our invitation to speak at Commencement," said Law School Dean John H. Garvey. "The Law School takes great pride in the dedication and quality of its alumni. He has had an outstanding legal career. He served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with great distinction during his years as governor. And he has served the people of the United States well as our ambassador to Canada."

Cellucci was nominated by President George W. Bush in February of last year to serve as ambassador to Canada and officially began his duties in April. He has worked closely with Canada on trade, energy and environmental issues.

Cellucci and his wife, Jan, former associate librarian for collection services at the University, are the parents of Kate, a 1999 BC alumnus now attending the Lynch Graduate School of Education, and Anne, a student at BC Law.

Elected as Massachusetts lieutenant governor in 1990 and 1994, Cellucci became acting governor in 1997 when he succeeded William Weld, who had been nominated by President Bill Clinton as US ambassador to Mexico. With a reputation as a strong advocate for smaller government and lower taxes, Cellucci signed one of the largest tax cuts in state history in 1998. He was reelected as governor in 2000.

A native of Hudson and member of the Republican Party, Cellucci served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1977 until 1985, when he was elected to the state senate.

-Law School Communications Manager Nathaniel Kenyon


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