About Boston College Chronicle "People"

"People" recognizes achievements by Boston College administrators, faculty, staff and students in the following areas:
-Newsmakers: Members of the BC community interviewed, quoted or cited by local, national or international media.
-Publications: books or contributions to scholarly journals, magazines and other publications.
-Honors/Appointments: awards, citations, titles, positions, etc.
-Transitions: non-faculty appointments or promotions within the BC community.
-Grants: funds awarded from private and/or public sources for research or other academic-related work.
-Time and a half: participation in lectures, seminars, conferences and other activities taking place outside of BC.

"People" represents only those items submitted to Chronicle for publication. Items may be edited for breadth, clarity or other reasons, and Chronicle will publish them as space permits. Please include a name and phone number with any items for purposes of verification. Submissions should be mailed to Chronicle c/o Editor, 14 Mayflower Rd.
or by e-mail to

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