Rep. Kennedy Announces Bill to Curb Alcohol Abuse on College Campuses

Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II (D-Mass.) yesterday used Boston College as the backdrop for the announcement of legislation he has filed to fight alcohol abuse on college campuses.

According to Kennedy's staff, the congressman chose Boston College as the backdrop for his announcement because of the aggressive and innovative efforts the University has taken to address alcohol use and abuse.

Assistant Dean for Alcohol and Drug Education Kimberley Timpf emceed the event, which was attended by approximately 100 faculty, staff and students on O'Neill Plaza. Harvard School of Public Health researcher Henry Wechsler also spoke at the event and several representatives from areas colleges and universities were on hand to endorse the legislation.

Key provisions of the Kennedy bill include a ban on the distribution of promotional materials that encourage the consumption of alcoholic beverages on college campuses, and the establishment of an awards program to recognize colleges and universities that successfully implement alcohol abuse prevention programs.

-Michael Seele

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