Jesuit Institute Announces Grants, Lecture Series

(6-18-97) -- The Jesuit Institute recently announced that it has awarded $37,000 visiting fellowship grants for the 1997-98 academic year to human rights researcher Geoffrey King, SJ, and University of Notre Dame theologian James Matthew Ashley.

The institute also awarded a $5,000 grant to Prof. John Michalczyk (Fine Arts), to support his production of a documentary on race in America.

In addition, the institute will introduce a Catholic Women Theologians lecture series this fall. Organized by the institute's director, Canisius Professor of Theology Michael Buckley, SJ, the series will feature prominent academic researchers and writers, such as Monan Professor of Theology Lisa Sowle Cahill, who will be the inaugural speaker.

Fr. King, a member of the faculty at the Jesuit Theological College in Parkville, Australia, will use his grant for a project titled "Human Rights Across Cultures: Towards an Understanding of Human Rights in Asian Cultural/Religious Contexts."

He will analyze and compare issues of justice, culture and dialogue concerning human rights in Western and Asian countries. The project will cover areas such as the philosophical and theological roots of the Western human rights tradition, and the understanding of law and justice in Confucian cultures.

Ashley, an assistant professor at Notre Dame since 1993, won the $37,000 fellowship for his project proposal "Ignatius and the Theologians: Ignatian Spirituality and the Reformulation of Academic Theology in the Twentieth Century."

Ashley will analyze the influence of Ignatian spirituality in the work of major Jesuit philosophers and theologians Karl Rahner, Bernard Lonergan, Ignacio Ellacuria and Jon Sobrino. Ashley believes this study can contribute to a deeper understanding of the role of spirituality in the modern university.

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