Jesuit Communication Conference Begins Wednesday

(7-8-97) -- Media ethics and the challenges of sustaining a "virtual community" on the Internet will be among the topics aired at a five-day conference of Jesuit university communications professors, which will begin at Boston College on Wednesday.

Some 40 participants from 19 Jesuit institutions across the country are expected to attend the annual Communication Conference of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.

"The conference will be the most fully attended in recent memory, and will be an exciting one because of the diversity of topics addressed in the presentation," said Prof. Kevin Kersten, SJ (Communication), who organized the meeting with Assoc. Prof. Donald Fishman (Communication) and Asst. Prof. Lisa Cuklanz (Communication).

Discussion topics will include the role of Jesuit university education in the field of communication, the usefulness of the Internet as an educational tool, and the challenge of maintaining community in an age of rapidly advancing technology.

"For the first time," Fr. Kersten said, "the conference will be addressing matters not only related to departments of communication at Jesuit colleges and universities, but at the missions of these departments to their sister departments outside the Jesuit network nationwide."

More information about the AJCU Communication Conference is available at its World Wide Web site.

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