Site Clearing Work Underway on Lower Campus

(7-12-99) -- Blasting will begin Monday, July 12, on Lower Campus behind O'Neill Library as part of a project to clear the site for a planned office building, to be constructed if approval is granted by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

The blasting, being done to remove a section of rock ledge, is expected to continue through the week. A horn will be sounded three times as a notice to workers and pedestrians before each blast. Boston College police will be on hand to keep people and cars at a safe distance prior to detonation of a charge. No additional traffic detours are planned.

All blasting charges are considered small, and the sound will be muffled by a mat of heavy rubber and lead that will cover the area where a charge is detonated. The Boston Fire Department, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and a consulting engineer for Boston College will be on hand to supervise the blasting.

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