Electricity Conservation Urged on Main Campus as Power Company Fixes Cables

(9-8-99) -- Students, faculty and staff on the Main Campus are being asked to conserve electricity for the remainder of the day as Boston Edison works to repair two of the three cables that supply the area with power.

Buildings and Grounds Director Thomas Devine said that an unknown problem caused the Boston Edison lines to fail at about 1:30 a.m. today and that a third line is providing the campus with about half its normal power supply. Devine said B&G has stabilized the situation through conservation efforts and the normal functions of the University are not being affected.

According to Boston Edison, the problem is being addressed and full power is expected to be restored to campus around 10:30 p.m., Devine said.

In the meantime, B&G is shutting off unnecessary lights, including those in the parking garages and Alumni Stadium, and is alternating air conditioning use among the academic buildings and dining facilities. Added steps may need to be taken if campus power demand rises this afternoon, he said.

In any event, Devine said ample electricity is available to light academic buildings and power computer use throughout campus. B&G is working to maintain comfortable temperatures in academic and dining facilities through restricted air conditioning, he said, and air conditioning service has continued uninterrupted in research facilities.

Devine said that while faculty, staff and students should feel free to use whatever electricity they need for lighting and computer use, he asked that users switch off the power when they're done.

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