Students Reminded of Behavior Expectations as Semester End Nears

(4-29-98) -- Vice President for Student Affairs Kevin P. Duffy, Boston College Police Chief Robert Morse, University Housing Director Robert Capalbo and Dean for Student Development Robert Sherwood issued the following message to all Boston College students today.

With less than three weeks remaining in the spring semester, we feel it is important to remind all students regarding the following behaviorial expectations:

--You are responsible for any social gathering that you run and for the conduct of all the guests at that gathering. Controlling the size of the gathering is your responsibility.

--Excessive amounts of alcohol will be confiscated. Kegs and other central sources (spiked punch bowls, multiple cases of beer or bottles of liquor, etc.) are prohibited.

--Anyone involved in setting or contributing to a fire will be suspended immediately from the University.

--Any upholstered chairs and couches, mattresses or other easily flammable items left outdoors overnight will be removed.

--Anyone throwing (or dropping from windows) bottles, cans or similar items will be immediately suspended from the University.

--Violence to persons or property will also be grounds for immediate suspension.

We have no desire to impose sanctions but we will not hesitate to take serious disciplinary action where warranted. As a result of the April 4 Lower Campus disruptions, 10 students to date have lost their housing and/or Senior Week privileges and seven students have been suspended. Some of the seniors will not be participating in Commencement. Our goal is to insure your personal safety and to provide a secure environment for all members of the campus community and their guests. We ask for your full cooperation for the remaining three weeks.

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