Campus Green Work Will Repair Drainage Problem

(5-29-98) -- Repairs to the Middle Campus drainage system will render part of the Campus Green inaccessible for approximately six weeks, according to Associate Vice President for Planning and Construction Alfred Pennino.

Earlier this week, workers began fencing off a section of the green to enclose the site of a 60-foot-wide by 120-foot-long ditch where the repairs will take place. The work is expected to be completed by July, Pennino said, and the lawn and sidewalks will be restored.

The project will address a long-standing drainage problem on Middle Campus, Pennino explained. At present, a major storm drain located near Lyons Hall collects rainwater from a number of sources, including residential homes adjacent to the campus. During severe rainstorms, he said, the drainage line which extends from Lyons often backs up, causing floods in locations such as McGuinn Hall and the Beacon Street parking garage.

To alleviate this, the University is installing five 50,000-gallon storm water detention tanks, which will handle any excess drainage.

"The tanks hold the water temporarily, until the drainage line can handle it," Pennino said. "It will give us far more control over the situation."

In addition to the Campus Green project, Pennino noted that the three-year Higgins Hall renovation is underway, and the site will be fenced off to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Workers are currently removing asbestos, he said, and in two weeks will begin taking off the front facade to begin construction of an approximately 100,000 gross-square-foot wing.

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