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NSF Awards BC Scientists and Educators Grant in Urban Ecology and Environmental Science

Three-year, $2.1 million funding will support nationwide effort to develop cutting-edge curricula

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a three-year, $2.1 million grant to an interdisciplinary group of BC faculty members to develop an urban environmental science curriculum, text book and multimedia system for use in America's urban high schools.

The team consists of Environmental Studies Director and the Urban Ecology Institute Science Director, Prof. Eric Strauss, Executive Director Charles Lord, Lynch School of Education faculty members Assoc. Prof. Mike Barnett and Asst. Prof. Katherine McNeill, as well as collaborators from institutions across the country.

This grant will allow the team to build on the strength of their two previous NSF grants.

"During the three years of this grant, the team will build on the theme of urban field-based science education pioneered by the Urban Ecology Institute," said Strauss who added that the team will work closely with teachers in partner schools across the country to implement and evaluate the curriculum and then later scale the materials across the nation.

At least 50 high school science teachers and 5000 students will be involved in the project over the life of the grant. A unique feature of this program is that the team includes Person Education as corporate partners, who will serve to publish and sustain the project after the grant is complete.

In addition, specialists from the Center for Applied Special Technology in Wakefield will help to craft the curriculum so that it is accessible by the widest range of students possible.

"The team is particularly excited about the opportunity to bring the fruits of this interdisciplinary Boston College partnership, which has transformed science education in Boston, to the national scale," said Strauss.


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