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University President Leahy outlines plan for Katrina victims

September 6, 2005

To the Boston College Community:

Hurricane Katrina has had a devastating effect on the Gulf Coast region, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands left homeless. For 142 years, Boston College has reached out to those in need, and I want to let you know how we are currently responding to this tragedy.

As of this morning, Boston College has accepted approximately 150 undergraduate students from Loyola and Tulane universities as visiting students through the Woods College of Advancing Studies. These individuals will study at Boston College on a non-matriculating basis until their schools reopen, at which time they will return to New Orleans.

Thanks to support from Boston Mayor Tom Menino and City officials, BC will be able to provide temporary, emergency housing at St. William's Hall on the Brighton Campus for about 100 of these students. Residents of this building will be supervised by our Residential Life staff. Because of the dedication and hard work of personnel in Facilities Management and Residential Life, St. William's is ready for occupancy.

The Boston College Law School expects to enroll about a dozen second and third year law students; and the Graduate School of Social Work, the Lynch School of Education, and the Carroll Graduate School of Management will take a limited number of students who otherwise would not be able to advance towards the completion of their degrees.

Also, a special collection for victims of Hurricane Katrina will be taken up at the BC-Army football game on September 10. In addition, prayers will be offered for the victims and their families during each Mass celebrated on campus during the month of September. Information is also available on our website for those who would like to make donations to the American Red Cross and Catholic Charities.

I appreciate the time and energy that so many at Boston College devoted to helping enroll students from New Orleans, especially Fr. Jim Woods, dean of the Woods College of Advancing Studies, who has spent most of the last four days providing assistance to students interested in attending Boston College.

Please remember our visiting students and their families in your prayers as we welcome them to our community.


William P. Leahy, SJ


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