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BC mathematician shares $1m grant for number theory research

Teams with colleagues at Stanford, Brown, Columbia

Prof. Solomon Friedberg (Mathematics) and three colleagues at Stanford, Brown and Columbia have been awarded $1.05 million in grants from the National Science Foundation for a collaborative research project in the area of number theory.

The three-year funding supports a joint effort to apply a concept called Multiple Dirichlet Series to analytic number theory, a central area of modern mathematics that is concerned with the properties of numbers, and is used in encryption and data-transmission algorithms.

"It is a chance to develop a new line of research of great potential that could tell us new things about some long-standing problems in number theory," Friedberg said.

Dirichlet series are functions of a complex variable whose properties capture the behavior of a family of related number-theoretic quantities, said Friedberg, whose team developed the study of multi-variable generalizations called Multiple Dirichlet Series.

The grants have been awarded under the NSF Mathematical Sciences Division's Focused Research Group Program, which supports investigative teams that share ideas and information from various scientific fields and disciplines.


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