Connell School grad honored for innovative women's health guide

A graduate of the Connell School of Nursing has been honored for her newly published health guides geared for women looking for comprehensive yet succinct and easy-to-read information on women's health topics.

Maps for Women, co-founded by 1980 CSON alumna Barbara Dehn, RN MS NP, are laminated health guides offering essential information on a variety of women's health topics. They are designed like a city map for easy navigation and quick reference and are sized to fit into a purse or a briefcase.

"I wanted to create a new series of health guides that could convey vital and practical information at a glance. These innovative guides are easy to read, use, and understand," said Dehn, a women's health nurse practitioner Dehn who has cared for women from ages 12 to 90 in both a free clinic and private practice setting for more than 16 years.

Dehn received an honorable mention for Maps for Women from the "Inspirations in Women's Health" contest, sponsored by the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health and 3M Pharmaceuticals. The "Inspirations" contest recognizes nurse practitioners who are going above and beyond their responsibilities to increase awareness about women's reproductive and sexual health issues. Dehn co-founded Maps for Women with Laura Cassiani.

The Pregnancy Map and the Menopause Map are the first two Maps for Women. The Pregnancy Map provides essential information about all aspects or pregnancy including nutrition, exercise, prenatal tests, as well as trimester-specific information for both mother and baby. The Menopause Map provides essential information about hormones, soy, bone and breast health, exercise, and on keeping a healthy heart. The Breastfeeding Map and The Infertility Map are forthcoming.

"We've simplified complex issues so women can get what they need quickly and then get on with their busy lives," said Dehn.

Dehn earned a master's degree as a nurse practitioner from The University of California, San Francisco. She works at Women Physicians in Mountain View, California and is also an assistant clinical professor at San Jose State University.