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Teleconference to feature BC Student Services

(1-31-2000) -- A live closed-circuit satellite broadcast featuring Boston College's redesigned Student Services department will be aired nationwide on Thursday, Feb. 10 from 12:30 to 2 p.m.

"Planning for Student Services: Best Practices for the 21st Century," sponsored by Boston College and five other universities in cooperation with the IBM Corp., is aimed at student service administrators in the higher education field. The program will be produced by the Society for College and University Planning and originate from the University of Delaware.

Rita Owens, project leader and service strategist for Student Services at Boston College, will be one of the broadcast's featured presenters. She was a principal designer of the Student Services department that was implemented through Project Delta, the University-wide effort to upgrade, improve and streamline services.

Student service administrators from the University of Delaware, Brigham Young University, Ball State University, Lesley College and Johnson County (Kan.) Community College also will take part in the telecast. Representatives from more than 250 campuses across the country have signed up to receive the broadcast, which is being provided through a division of the Public Broadcasting Service.

"Boston College has been recognized as one of the leaders in the country for facilitating student access to their records and accounts," Owens said. "We have been asked to share how we organized our particular project.

"We especially want to highlight how we used Boston College's own people, as opposed to outside consultants, to implement the Student Services project," Owens added. "This is a great opportunity to point out how hard everyone involved in this project worked to make it happen."

Owens said that the idea for the "Planning Student Services" telecast developed from SCUP's publication of a book of the same title. Owens and Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella co-authored a chapter of that book, titled "Project Delta: Planning a New Student Services Model."

The Project Delta chapter and a short video presentation of the University's Student Services department are available on the World Wide Web.

Boston College administrators and staff members wishing to view the teleconference are asked to contact Delta Project Leader Mary Corcoran at ext.2-8647.

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