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Sinn Fein representative to discuss Northern Ireland issues

(5-3-2000)Dara O'Hagan, a Sinn Fein representative to the Assembly of Northern Ireland, will discuss the work of human rights lawyers in Northern Ireland and other current issues on Saturday, May 6, from 4-6 p.m. at Connolly House. O'Hagan's talk, titled "Defending the Defenders," is being sponsored by the Irish Institute and Irish Studies Program.

O'Hagan, the Sinn Fein representative for Lurgan, will speak about her friend and fellow solicitor Rosemary Nelson, a human rights lawyer who was killed in a March 1999 car bomb attack by Loyalist paramilitaries. She will also comment on the efforts to have Nelson's murder investigated by an independent judicial inquiry, as well as the continuing attempts to resolve the controversy over Loyalist and Protestant marches in Catholic neighborhoods.

Other sponsors for the event are the Public International Law Committee of the Boston Bar Association, Lawyers Alliance for Justice in Ireland, Friends of Garvaghy Road and the Lawers Alliance for World Security Boston chapter.

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