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University appoints executive director of Irish programs

(5-4-2000)Boston College has named Marquette University College of Arts and Sciences Dean and History Professor Thomas E. Hachey to be its first executive director of Irish programs. Hachey, who has served as dean at Marquette since 1993, will hold an appointment as a full professor and an endowed chairholder in the History Department, and will be responsible for directing the Irish Studies Program and Irish Institute, as well as the Irish initiatives of the John J. Burns Library.

Hachey will begin his administrative role as executive director of Irish programs at Boston College on Aug. 1. He will begin teaching in the history department in September of 2001.

University President William P. Leahy, SJ, praised Hachey as a widely respected scholar and administrator who brings extensive experience to his new role at Boston College. "Dr. Hachey brings years of academic experience and achievement, as well as effective administration to Boston College," said Fr. Leahy. "I look forward to working with him and to making our Irish programs even stronger."

Hachey served 10 years as director of the Western Civilization Program, and 14 years as chairman of the History Department at Marquette. He has also authored and edited more than seven books on Irish and European history, and written scores of book reviews, chapters and articles on topics ranging from Irish nationalism to contemporary European issues. During the summer months, he has presented lectures at Trinity College and at the School of Irish Studies in Dublin, and has been a participant in programs conducted at King's College, London and Queens University, Belfast.

"I am indeed delighted at having the opportunity to join the BC history department and to play a key role in helping to enhance the Irish programs at Boston College," said Hachey. "Although I never had the privilege of attending Boston College, I feel as though it is my family college due to the number of relatives who have attended it. To me, it's like coming home."

University of Chicago History Professor Emmet Larkin, who is considered by many to be the foremost Irish historian in the United States, praised Hachey as one of the most gifted scholars in the field. "Tom Hachey is an extraordinary history professor who earned Marquette's teaching excellence award while routinely lecturing to 500 or more history students for 10 consecutive years," said Larkin. "He is also a first-class administrator and a very engaging personality. Boston College doesn't know the jewel it is about to receive in Tom Hachey."

Lawrence McCaffrey, professor emeritus of history at Loyola University of Chicago, offered similar praise. "Tom Hachey is a brilliant scholar and an excellent teacher who was loved by his students," said McCaffrey. "I think he writes the best prose of any Irish historian in the country. He'll be a great addition to an excellent program at Boston College."

A graduate of St. Francis College in Maine who holds a master's degree in history from Niagara University and a doctorate in history from St. John's University, Hachey has appeared frequently on Wisconsin Public Radio, C-SPAN, and on CBS, NBC and PBS affiliates discussing Anglo-Irish relations and Irish America. He has also served as president of the Mid-West Conference for Irish Studies, president and treasurer of the American Conference for Irish Studies, and co-editor of the ACIS newsletter.

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