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Graduate students invited to attend summer institute

(3-22-2000) Three Boston College graduate students have won fellowships to participate in a weeklong colloquy on faith and intellectual life to be held June 16-23 at St. John's University in Collegeville, Minn.

Doctoral students Maureen Kelly (Theology), Joseph Tadie (Philosophy) and Brian Treanor (Philosophy) are among 25 graduate fellows chosen for the Collegium institute, a joint effort by more than 50 colleges and universities to recruit and develop faculty who can articulate and enrich the spiritual and intellectual life of their institutions.

Collegium seminars invite scholars to explore some of the most compelling aspects of the Catholic intellectual tradition and to develop their own sense of vocation as intellectuals in a contemporary context.

Participants usually include faculty from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds curious about what role they have in the mission of their Catholic institution, and graduate students hoping to discern how they might best develop their own spiritual and intellectual vocation.

The summer program's daily schedule includes small and large group discussions, opportunities for individual reflection and major presentations by leading scholars. In addition, one day is set aside during the week to encounter a particular Christian spirituality - Ignatian, Franciscan, Benedictine, Christian Feminist, Dominican - or simply to pray and reflect with a spiritual director.

With a general focus on the multiple traditions that comprise "the Catholic imagination," the program welcomes interested participants from all religious denominations.

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