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Volunteers sought for Campion Center visits

(9-18-2000) Faculty and staff volunteers who would like to bring cheer and conversation to elderly Jesuit priests and brothers at the Campion Center in Weston are invited to participate in a program of monthly visits to the retirement home.

The first visit will be made on Wednesday, Sept. 20, with a group leaving from St. Maryıs Hall at 2 p.m., returning from Weston at 4 p.m. Upcoming Wednesday afternoon visits are planned on Oct. 18 and Nov. 15.

"We started the program so Jesuits who taught here so long wouldnıt be forgotten, and so faculty would be remembered to them," said Rev. William McInness, SJ, who is leading the monthly visits.

The Senior Faculty Forum is sponsoring the series of visits by faculty and staff. A separate series of visits by students is being planned by the Alpha Sigma Nu honor society on campus, according to Fr. McInnes, the chapterıs moderator. Information on the visits is available from Fr. McInnes at ext.2-8192.

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