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BankBoston customers eligible for Fleet offer

(5-23-2000)Boston College employees whose BankBoston accounts have converted to Fleet are eligible for no-fee checking and ATM usage under the WorkPlace Banking program offered by Fleet.

The offer is available to all BC employees - regular staff or student - who have direct deposit of their pay in the bank.

BC employees who take advantage of the WorkPlace Banking option at Fleet will be assessed no monthly service or transaction charges, and will be allowed unlimited free usage of Fleet-BankBoston network ATMs. No minimum balance is required.

Other perquisites offered with the WorkPlace Banking account include a free Total Access Check Card, a no-annual-fee credit card with an introductory rate of 2.99 percent for the first six months, 24-hour mortgage approval and a discount on brokerage services.

More than 2,700 of Boston College's 6,000 employees have BankBoston accounts that recently converted to Fleet under the merger of the two banks.

For more information about WorkPlace Banking accounts at Fleet, call Fleet's Newton Center branch at (617) 965-1262 or Ruth Chobit in Boston College's Human Resources Service Center at ext.2-3381.

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