The Parish Transitions Group

(Photo of Boston by Rick Harris)

The Transitions Group is for parishioners in career transition, and seeking to network, gain access to helpful resources or simply get support and fellowship in a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment.

We have approximately 150 members (please click here to see job seeker profiles), including 40 who have found work since joining the group, and several who come along simply to help others. We typically meet weekly on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:30 PM in the Friary Room next to the lower chapel. Some people opt to participate in the celebration of the daily Mass at 12:15 PM prior attending the meeting.

While the overall aim of the meetings is to support job search efforts through mutual advice, networking and practical support, we also occasionally have guest speakers or targeted sessions such as resume writing, LinkedIn training sessions and Wellness talks. If you are seeking work, please join us for some or all of our meetings.

As we all know, the job search is all about Networking, so if you are working, please help our efforts by becoming an "associate". If you let us know what industry or company you are in, we can occasionally direct members to you for advice, networking contacts or simply a chat to give them some new ideas to pursue. Contact the Parish Office at ignatius@bc.edu or 617-552-6102 to register with us.




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