Parish Staff

The ordained staff of St. Ignatius Parish consists of a pastor and two associates, all of whom are Jesuits. All members of the staff are available on Sundays when the parish gathers, as well as during the week by individual appointment.

Other full-time staff includes an Assistant to the Pastor, a Director of Music, an Associate Director of Music, a Director of Faith Formation, a Director of Outreach Ministries, an Accounts Manager, and an Administrative Assistant.  This staff meets regularly to facilitate the work of the parish. Interns in Pastoral Ministry and Faith Formation from Boston College also do their ministerial placements at the parish. There is, in addition, a secretarial staff and a maintenance crew who tend to the concerns of the office and church.

Rev. Joseph Costantino, SJ
Rev. James Coughlin, S.J.
Associate Pastor
Rev. Gerald Finnegan, S.J
Associate Pastor
Paul Melley
Assistant to the Pastor/BC Liaison
Michael L. Burgo
Director of Music Ministry
Matt Anderson
Assistant Director of Music, Organist
Maureen Saldarini
Funeral Ministry Coordinator
Katherine Maher
Spiritual Life Coordinator
Gerard Sloan
Sr. Diane M. Vallerio, MFIC
Director of Outreach Ministries (including Baptismal Prep)
Timothy Manning
Administrative Assistant/Media Specialist
Jamie Huggins
Facilities Manager
Reenie Murphy
Accounts Manager
Lara Ericson
Director of Faith Formation
Jocelyn E. Collen
Faith Formation Assistant

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