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What have we done for Christ?

What do we do for Christ?

What will we do for Christ?

The Community Connections Commission is the newest of our parish commissions, and was formed to coordinate the efforts of those who minister to others within the parish community. Unlike many of the other commissions within the parish, this commission is made up of many different organizations, each bringing to the parish their own skills and talents. Through its different ministries, the commission helps assure that everyone in our parish family, both young and old, participates in its vitality.

Members of St. Ignatius' Community Connections Commission ministry strive, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to:

•Invite and encourage all people from diverse walks of life to join in and participate in community with us;

•Offer support and comfort when needed;

•Foster each parishioner's lifelong search to experience and understand Christ and His Church through parish life; and

•Become active disciples in God's work in this world through our commitment to serve one another within our parish.

The Community Connections Commission is comprised of members from:

Community Care Group, Bereavement Ministry, The Martha Guild, Pastoral Care Group, Communications and Technology Group.

The Community Connections Commission meets once a month and is open to anyone who would like to work on any aspect of parish life, or would like to help plan our annual Community Connections Commission Sunday, Appreciation Events for Volunteers, and Volunteer Opportunity weekends. Meetings are held monthly on the third Tuesday of the month.

Contact: Catherine Downing, 617-782-5812, e-mail

Time Commitment: 2 hours/quarter

Ministries within the Community Connections Commission

Community Cares
The measure of a parish's commitment to the Gospel is in how it responds to the nurturing of one another. The Community Care Program serves all members of the parish family by brightening a day with a greeting card or maybe even providing a meal just two examples of our concern for each other. Hearts of action only beat when needs are known so please contact us if this program can lighten the burden for a member of our community.

Contact: Maureen Eldredge (617-469-0496) or Ginny Carroll (617-327-4519)

Bereavement Ministry

This group offers solace to families or individuals who are suffering the loss of a loved one. They provide information on the Catholic Funeral Rites and how the parish community assists families in preparing for funerals. They also console the mourners with words of faith and support and active participation in the celebration of the Funeral Rites. Funeral Liturgy planning help is also available to parishioners who have suffered the loss of a loved one and may have to plan a funeral outside of the parish.

Contact: Maureen Saldarini, e-mail

The Martha Guild
"As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him." (Lk 10:38) As you've nibbled on pastry and sipped punch at various social gatherings at St. Ignatius, have you ever wondered who made it all possible? Most likely, the Martha Guild had been hard at work. Named for the New Testament hostess, we provide hospitality and support for events during the year, most notably the receptions following the Easter Vigil and Lessons and Carols. Helping to open our parish home to the community, the Martha Guild welcomes all willing newcomers (of either gender). Many hands make light work.

Contact: Joan Engler, e-mail

The Pastoral Care Group
The care and feeding of volunteers is the mission of this group. We also feed the spirits, minds and social lives of our generous volunteers as they dine. The Annual Appreciation Gala, Enrichment Opportunities for Liturgical Ministers, Catechist Brunch, RCIA Brunch and the Outreach Commission Barbecue are some of the unique events we offer. In addition, Pastoral Care will support the exciting new "Our Church, Our Home" Program, providing food, fellowship and adult education for parishioners.

Contact: Catherine Downing, 617-782-5812, e-mail

Communications and Technology
The mission of the Communications and Technology group is to increase the communications and connections between and among parishioners, the parish staff, and all of the commissions and ministries of the parish. Writers, graphic designers, videographers, and web designers conduct surveys, work on the parish web site and develop and produce communications materials to disseminate and discuss ideas, knowledge and information about the events of the parish.

Contact: Catherine Downing, 617-782-5812, e-mail

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