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Liturgy at St. Ignatius is enriched by a variety of ensembles. Though we offer a variety of musical styles and different levels of time commitment, all our musical groups prepare with a desire to serve the liturgy and give praise with all their hearts, minds, and voices for the Greater Glory of God!

The 10:00 Liturgy Choir
The 10:00 Liturgy Choir rehearses Wednesday evenings at 7:15 in the Friary room of the lower church from September to June. They prepare various styles of music for the 10:00 Sunday Liturgy and special Liturgical celebrations, and outreach opportunities.  Tenor and Bass voices are especially needed. Contact Michael Burgo at 617-552-6108 or email burgo@bc.edu or see him after the liturgy.
The 5:30 Contemporary Music Ensemble
The 5:30 Contemporary Music Ensemble rehearses on Sunday afternoons at 4:30 in the sanctuary of the church. This high-energy group prepares contemporary liturgical music for the 5:30PM Sunday mass year-round. All Singers and instrumentalists are invited to share their talents. For more information, contact Michael Burgo at 617-552-6108, email burgo@bc.edu or see him after the liturgy.
The Children's Carol Choir
Carol Choir The Children's Carol Choir is for children in grades 3-6 (second graders considered on an individual basis) who would like to join in fun musical activities and sing in a choir for special parish liturgies. The Carol choir rehearses every Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 in the Friary Room beginning in September. The Choir is conducted by our associate music director, Mr. Matthew Anderson. Call him at 617-552-6114 or email andersyw@bc.edu for more information.
The St. Ignatius Symphonia
SymphoniaThe St. Ignatius Symphonia is for experienced student and parish instrumentalists who come together and play monthly at the 12:00 liturgy and some special parish celebrations. Matthew Anderson coordinates this group which rehearses the day of the Liturgy. Call Matthew Anderson at 617-552-6114 or email andersyw@bc.edu for more information.
The Youth Choir
Youth Choir

The Youth Choir serves the 10am Family Mass twice a month. Involving mainly 7th-12th graders, this group of singers/musicians rehearses at 9 am in the Lannon Chapel. The Youth Choir sings mainly contemporary praise music along with high energy renditions of more traditional music. Contact Mickey Zibello at mzibello@gmail.com, or come visit our Family Mass.

Ministerio de Musica Latina (Latino Music Ministry)
Respondiendo a nuestras maravillosas liturgias en espanol, hemos formado un grupo nuevo para dirigir la musica durante las misas que se celebran en la capilla Lannon a las doce del mediodia. Este grupo de cantantes y musicos ensaya dos veces al mes los jueves antes de cada liturgia a las 7:15 de la noche en la sala de coro situada en la parte de abajo de la iglesia. Estamos particularmente interesados en encontrar personas que toquen instrumentos de percusion, asi como instrumentos latinos tradicionales. Favor de contactar a Michael Burgo al 617-552-6108 burgo@bc.edu.
In response to our wonderful new Latino Liturgy, we have formed a new group to lead music every Sunday in the Lannon Chapel at 12:00 noon. This group of singers and instrumentalists rehearses every other Thursday in the Lower Church Choir Room. We are especially anxious to find percussionists and players of traditional Latino instruments. Contact Michael Burgo, 617-552-6108 burgo@bc.edu.
Let us know you're out there—we'll be happy to involve you on a regular or occasional basis. Call Michael at 617-552-6108 or email him at burgo@bc.edu.

To hear our Choir in action, listen to the following samples, recorded live during a recent liturgy at St. Ignatius Church:

  • They Were Filled with the Holy Spirit (MP3, 6MB): from our upcoming CD recorded June 2010
  • Anima Christi(MP3, 3.5MB) from our upcoming CD recorded June 2010.
  • We Are Marching (MP3, 2.1MB), trad. South African, from the 2004 Easter Vigil Liturgy at St. Ignatius.
  • Libera Me (MP3, 7.1MB) by Maurice Duruflé from Requiem performance at the Jesuit Urban Center. November 4, 2006.

If you have trouble playing the files, try saving them to disk first. BC's server seems to be having trouble telling the difference between MP3 files and plain text files.  Mac users can also play through i-Tunes (paste the song address into the URL box under "advanced").

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