Homilies, 2004, Cycle-C

2004—Third Sunday in Ordinary Time—C


Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing! Shortest homily that I've ever heard. Leave it to Jesus to have the best one-line homily. What you see is what you get. This Jesus we see today reading from the scriptures and claiming that he is God's liberation is very different from the Jesus we heard last week. What does your concern have to do with me, he says to his Mother. My hour is not yet come. Last week in the story of Cana, Jesus seemed aloof, disinterested. Today he comes to the forefront and makes the most extraordinary claim. God's good news is here and now!

God's good news! What did you expect to hear this morning? Bad news? A litany of everything that's wrong with you and with our world? I hope you didn't come to church expecting to hear "bad news" I hope you came expecting to hear "Good News". Were you so filled with enthusiasm, filled with the spirit of God that you couldn't wait to get to church to hear the good news and celebrate the Eucharist with brothers and sisters in Christ? As Paul says in the letter to the Corinthians. Each of us is connected to the other. We are all parts of the body of Christ. I don't know whether I'm a little toe or a big mouth but each of us belongs to this body of Christ. Each of us has an important role to play in announcing God's Good News. Do you remember the Good News you heard last week? God delights in you! God rejoices in you! Will you leave this assembly on fire with love for God, touched again by the extraordinary Gift of Jesus in your life?

Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing. I think that if we really believed this one line of Jesus, we would be more psyched about our gathering today than we might be about the superbowl next Sunday. OF course, it's great to be psyched about a Patriot's win but do we ever feel a similar enthusiasm about coming here to Church to hear the word of God and receive the body and blood of Christ with a community of faith?

The operative word today is Today!

Today Jesus is our freedom. Today he is our good news. Today he is proclaiming release from captivity. Today he gives us sight. Today. Not yesterday or tomorrow but Today. In this moment in Jesus we know we have nothing to fear, nothing to regret, nothing to imprison us. There is nothing that anyone can say about you that should have more power than Jesus' love for you.

That's the good news. Today and everyday. That's why you came today and even if you leave with the cares and concerns of life still burdening your minds and hearts, perhaps you will know a little better that your concerns have everything to do with Jesus. For his hour is come. Now is the hour. Now is the time. Now is today.


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